Do you hear the music,

That once did beat from within

The constant thump of the unsettled.

A sun that will rise but never shine.

Can you feel the rhythm

The study murmur of the drums

Coldness and warmth both intertwine

Are you waiting or do you run?


Do you understand the rush of

What is to be and what will never come?

Slow and fast and now it's gone

Is your patient running thin?

As your lids grow weary

Trying to fight...what!

You want it, you need it

You know what it should be

But do you get it

What is it that you will receive?


Can you give it a description

Or is it closed from your vision.

Your body tense how it's relaxed.

Should you encourage it to happen?


Do you plead for it to stop?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Thank you for writing. This articulates very well what I wish I could. Keep it up!


thank you i appreciate it very much..

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