Traveling through fog of doubt


United States
38° 55' 18.6636" N, 76° 43' 19.5888" W

(Our vision to move forward in our different paths is constantly fogged by doubt and uncertainty often spouted by the voices.
The Voices,like the fog, can obstruct the view of our desired path.
The fog of voices make you see things unclearly. Seeing failure and doubt as obstacles rather than opportunities for growth and necessary stepping stones to reaching their end.
The voices put you in a state where inner senses must be deepened. Close your eyes to see more clear. Close your ears so you can truly hear.
Lift the fog of negative voices from within by accepting the fear .Accept it and run,
run through the fog believing that hope will be elucidated by the sun.
When the voices turn to whispers , their power lost, and the warmth overcomes the fog carried frost.
Move forward remembering that the struggle is not forever and that afterward, when all is done ,you as person will be better.)

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