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 I sometimes wonder, laying awake. If everything would be different, if i was normal. Would I still see the world, as the mess it is? Would I still see it as, a place of despair?
At War or At Peace Strong Roses Bloom Through Love and Through Hate By AM  King At war or at peace strong hedge roses bloom. They spill their brambles over the rock wall. They climb to frame the open entrance hall.
I wish I could be a superhero, The one which everyone looks up to, The one whose stories are passed through,
We are strongWe are confidentWe are fearlessWe are...We are liesWe lie about everythingWe have put on these personasThese masksThat hide ourselves from everyone
Thank you for sharing your art From the depths of your heart And the confines of your soul You pulled together something so bold So moving and new It inspired me to share my view
no matter where I go a part of me always feels so alone   Something always tells me don't get too comfortable then they will see   they will see the shame the guilt of fame
The girl Was all alone She cried inside  And hid behind Her tears that Blinded her
Highschool. College preparation, scholarships, grades Weed, alcohol, making out Living up to every non expectation Stereotypical, but the polar opposite It wasn't when I found myself walking through the gates
  Uncontrollable fear, that ignites a flame, inside your heart, inside your lungs. It burns you, destroys you, all you feel is, the painful fear.
A voice is heard but silenced by society crushed as a rose as it loses its petals so does the sound But then there is a crack like the one in a dam going to explode
What is a poem to you? Is it just words put together that happen to rhyme? Is it words that discuss your history or what is occurring in the present time? To me a poem is much more than words on a page
A single flame that burns inside you It's passion and compassion that lights your way One single flame can help guide you
A regular day filled with talking and laughing, joking and gossiping Always done with a fake grin plastered on Teens argue, insult, bully, tease, and intimidate But if anyone asks, life is great   
Who am I They always ask Who are you? Who are you? How am I supposed to know? I've spent my life as a mirror Reflecting what everyone wants to see Wants me to be
Dear world, You always tell us to be ourselves. It is a cliché that has been used and spoken of and heard more times than it has been understood. You always tell us to do what we want.
Dear papí,   Sometimes I look at myself, And feel Disgusted.   It's been like this for a while,
On a fall afternoon He had leaned closer to me, And said “I love you”   Then I was confused A phrase with many meanings, But which one was true   I looked at him,
Success is indeed great but don't let it get into your head or next time fall behind rate.   When wrong remember to say "sorry" because its lack took from people, their hard earned glory.  
All my life I kept weight around my ankles, they bruised and fractured my legs I couldn’t move, breathe they restricted me from expressing my true self. This baggage was unlike others.
Rolled flat, and put into a cookie cutter but I didn't come out the right shape pushed into a corner and melted into the wall Squeezed out of a frosting tip, 
A grey world it is, twas many standards. The window of us, obligations glazed over. Faster the grey spills, silence follows. Here lies whispers, a voice hollow. Suddenly a chime, is it a sign?
Hats and caps, leather bats Which one doesn’t belong? See it’s easy. One could easily say it’s squeezy Yeeeah… That’s weird. But how about this?
They say that time heals all wounds. But what if the pain Never subsides, And the bleeding never stops? And the scars that people wish they could rub off, You’d give anything to have instead.
78 I never thought you could change. You're 78. You're stuck in many of your ways, but one day you changed, it all started with a girl named Emily. Seventh grade, my first ever crush on someone that I couldn't shake or ignore.
I can't be who you want, Believe me 'cause I've tried. Why can't I be who I want? Why must I change my mind?
What do we fear the creepy crawlies under our bedor is it the wondrus voice inside our headkilling my thoughts until braindead 
The girl in front of me Is not someone to be hidden But to be seen by humanity And not let it be forbidden  
Grow up, they’ll tell you. Put down the toys, stop the tinkering. Life’s more than just messing around they’ll say. Develop a purpose. Go out and make a difference.
Self worth is your swag Don't let your confidence lag Cause them haters want to eat you Deep inside they wanna be you The essence of what is true to you Self confidence is attractive
I am me You are you There is a difference between us two   My eyes are brown Your eyes are blue I am me And You are you   I love myself I love you too But I am me
we tell ourselves we can't live without love, financial stability, a roof above our heads, shoes on our feet, an education. we can't live without a job; we can't have a job without fitting in. and fitting in is what our society is all about. talk
I wish there were more people who walked around the streets with sighs that read: "Free Hugs!" I hate to admit,  and I know others are too,  that in my life, I needed those people. 
Why be me when you can be you? Why be someone else when there is always you? Everyone has their own troubles and happiness You are the only one who knows you best No one has it perfect
I'm always inside Inside my room, Inside my mind, Inside my shell, Can't seem to get outside of myself Even when crowds are loud, their presence confines me,
I am a daughter. More trouble than she’s worth, But who’ll always come home for holidays (and maybe some weekends)   I am a sister.
There is beauty in everything in life, in death, in whatever comes before but beauty mostly resides inside of a heart
What you see on the outside of me is a young freckled girl as confident as can be. She can stand and talk in front of people with ease, and take charge of situations in a breeze.
All my life, I was scared; Scared of what others would think, Scared of standing out, Scared of the world. As a child, I would hide behind my parents; Growing older, I was scared to be different;
First of all, I don’t act how I look. I’m a girl, but I don’t clean or cook. I don’t like to shop or put on makeup; How I look for the day is how I wake up. I’d rather play sports with the guys
Your true self criesYou are deemed as a nobodyYou seem fearless but bravery liesYou seek approval to be a somebody.
La-la, la-la, la-la It is I, Adventruous, Ridiculous, Eccentric,
The undeniable truth about high school is that we are one of the same. 
People always ask me what my plans are What is my future, my college, my major, my career
Embrace Embrace yourself Embrace your glasses Embrace your personality Embrace your quirks Embrace everything you hate about your body Embrace everything you hate about yourself Embrace life
Tiny pieces of me are all you’ll get to see because society claims “flawless” is what I’m supposed to be so you’ll see my polished exterior you can bet you’ll see my strengths
Breathe in hope, exhale pain Hold on tight, life's a game Drown in loneliness, burn in love Get lost, remember your name Read a book, remember your story Sleep well, you need your strength
You see it on TV You see it in magazines The image that you wish to be All the girls at school have it Hurling “helpful” insults so you May have it too The image that you wish to be
Everyone wears a mask, Even I wear one. Not because I want to, But because it is the social norm. How you see me, It’s different when I see myself. What you see is a quiet person,
I am a nice ass,
I'm me.  And I'm not sorry.   I'm not sorry that sometimes, I'm too honest. But who wants to be lied to? Not I.   Not I, who every time I see a cute guy I must say hi
She told me "you will not be much of anything, People just look right through your frail bones You will never make much of a difference because You will end up very cold naked afraid alone
Like the stars effortlessly twinkle against the roaring engines of travelling planes through the night  
There is this power to all Something that can be taken with awe
Heart stopping, ears begging for more I play the strings like a mother Stroking a childs head. Softly, whisper the made up lyrics  that escape my heart.  I pick up the pencil lines crossing like 
What's nice about me? What do I see?  Hell, wouldn't I like to know.    The words beauty, flawless, and pretty those aren't words that come to mind
I am flawless But for my flaws Perfect But for my imperfections Sacred Called by his name Alive Because of his resurrection.   I am small But souls heed no size
I am flawless But for my flaws Perfect But for my imperfections Sacred Called by his name Alive Because of his resurrection.   I am small But souls heed no size
Never go along with what others are doing, for they flow like a river, endlessley pursuing, never change your dreams when somone tells you to, because some of your dreams, it takes only you.
We all live in this world We fight to be noticed Though, we all live in a mold.   Some cannot fight against those who are stronger, So we let them pull us under.  
I am more than just a filter More than what's behind the computer behind the lightening effects of my skin lies a girl wanting to fit in My words aren't heard in the scene
I. As I ambled, disconnected from the intricate outlet From the shielded. I pondered into the immense depths of the collosal evergreens Sunlight, a barely gleaming ray seeping  Seeping an exhaustive picture
We are judged based on what we do but not by the actions, no by the number of times it happens.
No filter? I never have a filter. I am me and if you  don't like it that is your loss Or that is what I will tell myself. Be your self But fit in 
So much time is wasted trying to fit in. They tell you to be yourself. Yet, they act like it is a sin. You were born to be real. So go on be weird. 'Cause what's the deal?
  Look at Me By: Mariah McKesson   My voice is not my own
Behind the curtain Beneath the skin it's different than what's in front Out for others to see Eye contact feels like lasers When people are staring, it feels like the world is closing in
  Your body is a temple but you mark it all up.
Who's hiding behind the locked door? No one seems to hear me. Who's behind the curtain? No one seems to see me. Who's hiding behind mask? No one seems to see who I really can be.  Why are you hiding? 
How can I cease to be The person that is me For when I look in the mirror,what do I see? I see a girl that society is breaking, I see a girl that society is making. A girl that yearns to stand tall,
"Be yourself" I hear that a lot But it's hard to be myself when people hate me   "Be yourself" My mother said in one ear As society said in the other to change everything else  
Being yourself is not going to be easy. You will get the pressure to be like everyone. when you lose yourself, you lose everything. you forget what you like an hate. Stay you. No one is a better you than you.
Pay no attention to the girl behind the curtain. She's got nothing to say, for They've taken her voice.   Her eyes are full of longing To speak her thoughts.
I am making mistakes Bumping down the road without a break, Binging on food so that  I can be in a bettter mood. I am the rock in the leather jacket, Standing against the gate looking cool
When you wake up in the morning you see yourself  but at the end of the day are you still you 
Pay no attention to the woman behind the curtain She longs to tug on the fabric, to pull it miles away She hides so that her mold matches that of society So that she won’t be seen for her flaws and mistakes  
I am Who I am, no need to explain, just like the flame of the fireworks, in the sky, sparks for my life.   I am Who I am, it is time for me to fly, never try to catch me,
I could not escape the clothes IWore: the parts that rode too high to keep
Billowing – passing Singing – Moaning Weeping – crooning ‘Til Dawn – still floating.   And when it is But close your eyes Smell the coffee Roll over - rise  
From my youth, I recall thoughts and wishes Of my life being as the wind that swayed the trees. It didn’t hide its true self behind something fictitious It was powerful, beautiful, and noticeable, just as I wanted to be.
  Over the years I've lived through a lot of things; Over the years I've been a lot of people, So many that I lost myself.   Sometimes I look,
Are you a writer, or a person who writes? A miracle of God's love, who lives, breathes, cries, tells stories, and paints lies
I observe.  the way people act, the way they dress, the way they talk I observe. their possesion, their gestures, their faces -  What I observe is their mask.
I am me, that's who I am. I don't go by your rules anymore. I am not just your pretty girl, I am so much more. I am a boy, a girl, neither, both, I am one, I am anything and everything.
I remember a quote I folow by from an anime character, Kamina. "Don't believe in me who believes in you, believe in you who belives in yourself."
So I, like so many others, have been asked to spew forth the thoughts and workings of our brains, to pick apart how we tick, how we function, how we create, and explain:
They can't take your name They can't take your breath They can't take the beat of your heart
You never understood why I loved the rain. Or why I would kick off my shoes and dance, Even though my clothes got soaked. You just went inside and watched from the window.  
Women have been pushed to believe That skinny is the new black And that gentlemen prefer blondes And gentlemen prefer blush And redheads And eye shadow And nice clothing So change your hair
Oh the lives of these people are rough Because we’re alone trying to be tough Not to mention that we stay on the outside
My mind is a portal to worlds of possibilities of success. There I sit in my imaginary kingdom of ease and finesse While I caress my thoughts of future glory and a new kind of persona- A man that will generate much fame and renown.
They tell me to be myself. They tell me to act that way, this way, but not my way. Do want to put my life up on a self? Stand back and not say a word? Shut my mouth like a caged bird?
Magic   The sweet melody of music fills my ears, as I listen to the radio
they all stare at me, looking me up and down, side to side
True to You: A Poem of Being Yourself As a senior I’ve made mistakes, But the best advice I can give, Be true to you It saves pain and sorrow Guilt and remorse
All of a sudden you’re hit You think of an idea with wit Stare at the screen Don’t make a scene But silently say “Yes, that’s it!”   You write and act and edit You upload and then wait a bit
Where I came from Was the womb The sky From my country
What makes a place home? Is it the familiar faces?
Don't define the undefinable People are not words, people cannot be broken down No dictionary can tell me who to be  No thesaurus can find something similar So neither can you.    Everyone says:
please beware the end is near when it gets here i expect you to care if you do then head my advice if you dont youve been warned for when we reach the end the rope
I do not wear your skinny jeansNor your tight tube topsOr Hollister shirts.I do not succumbTo your “perfection”Your rulesYour life.You may be frightenedTo break the shell they put you in
In this little town it's not celebrated but being different is the best thing you can be. If you'd go to this school you'd see a bunch of the same. Who wants to be a clone? I was bullied for being different here
I carry my prison with me,I lock it in my heart.It is buried deep within me,and with it, I cannot part.  
Glancing out the dusty window, I see the mist slowly fall, I look into the mirror hanging on my wall, I inspect myself thoroughly finding things to blame, I pick and prod and tear apart my body’s external frame,
The walls just keep crumbling... Into the sea in which I keep fumbling As I looked upon the water something I wasn't able to see A reflection of my world and the reflection of me
Some days I’m depressed Others I’m a mess Some days happy Always keeping people laughing Then some days I’m mad So I won’t say much in class Some days I’m sad Like rain falling on glass
We line up like marching ants We listen to the Queen Bee.   Tell me what to do  Tell me what to be    I sweat  I smell I stress   The #2 pencil shakes in my hand
There are choices that make it difficult to choose You sometimes win and sometimes lose But you are perfect at what you do Beacuse no one but you can be you   Maybe some can imitate you well
no matter  what other people think god made you the way you are for a reason   besides an original is always  worth more than a copy
I am caring, ambitious, and have a desire to finish school.   I wonder what will lay ahead of my future.   I hear my cousin’s group on the radio.
The aesthetic beauty of the mind to behold. Not one can abate my hunger, my disease, I've come upon these thoughts to ponder, The substantial blank you bring appease. To whom to which the eyes behold,
What is normal? Normal is when you do something everyone else does. What’s the point? Be different. Be weird. If everyone does the same thing the world would be boring. Nobody likes boring.
The jesters in Hades's court are the best of their trade.Cynical, yet funny,Hilarious and with great flout they speak,Words a-flamed with a venomous heat.They doth not know the hatred they speak.
I am a pot of scrambled eggs. Hot, jumbled, Scrambled, what else? Stirred by a big wooden spoon in a hurry. "Go here! Do that! C'mon don't be late!" WAIT. Hold on a minute. Slow down. Let me breathe. Can't you see? This is not who I am.
I can't sing, lets be real. Cooking; ha, I burn every meal. I can't say im the weathiest person in town, some days my makeup resembles a clown. My hair is often a mess. You won't find me in some sparkly dress, but hey, that makes me, me.
For New Year's two years ago, I asked for a fountain pen instead of an iPod because at that point, the words would flow out of me like blood from a fresh cut.   Many people say
A cart rolls into the frigid clean room, the sheet is removed, revealing terrifying tools with innocent names. I sit back into the chair as it crackles in disappointment.   Ink stains my face, my chest, my stomach,
I am an unfortunate entity the product of a faulty system I have my flaws, I have plenty I use all in my power to resist them
Girls grow up thinking life will be perfect, Walt Disney showed little girls what they should expect. From Prince Charmings, to fairies, flying, and love, He never showed them what to do when push comes to shove.
So I'm not perfect, But neither are you. You might try to doubt that, But it really is true. I have braces and glasses, And frizzy hair. Sometimes I dress oddly, But I like what I wear.
If the road less traveled becomes the road most searched for, The pristine path loses its once saut after vacancy. The perfect pebbles will begin to whether from the frequent traffic,
I love the color of my eyes and the color my toe nails I love how I get acne like everyone else and Although you say I am ugly and I should lose some weight Instead of listening I'll eat a burger in your face
Hearts beating fast like the beat of the drum All of it helping me to climb the rungs Never gunna look back Never gunna let go Turn around Run around Look for me and I can’t be found
The one thing in this world is people putting down others for their own selfish gain, and with each one leaves an internal stain, the only thing you can be is your own worst enemy, don't you see the pain your causing me?
I look in the mirror I hate what I see The person I’m looking at Can surely not be me? When did I become this? I’ve lost track of time My lips are painted red Those eyes can’t be mine
I've been looking in a mirror for so long All the little pieces of me doesn't belong Everything was a lie As I stair all the pieces I felt more urges Everything was a lie
too many kids grew up wanting to be like mike did you know that when kids got rob for his jordans, he said that what does have to do with me too many kids wanting to be like ike did you know he beat up tina turner
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