Hats and caps, leather bats

Which one doesn’t belong?

See it’s easy. One could easily say it’s squeezy

Yeeeah… That’s weird. But how about this?

Clocks and stopwatches, gotta go through a couple washes. Time sensitive. Flawed

Time secretive. I’m appalled at the number of people I often see wearing shawls

Or are they hats? Perhaps they are caps, but sheep don’t yawn

I mean the ignorant and apathetic are easily entertained and distracted.

Don’t have time to be bored

Don’t have the tick tocks to clock in my hours obtained in this service of life

But I’m appalled at how many hats I see…

Look, I’m wearing mine now

Can’t you see

That this isn’t just any hat see

This is my ship sailing on a chaotic sea

So cease the Thames

So says my shame

See-saws are my deepest fears because

I see Saul’s fear of his demise: of being thrown away and forgotten

Know that this isn’t a game

This is a mental restraint

I’m not talking about material

I’m talking about the role they play

The whispers that our masks say in our ears.

Our hats, our masks, our beanies and flasks

These jackets hide our pasts

Our realities, the mysteries, and skeletons that we hate

And they are dangerous

They hold the keys to our egos and our self esteems

They are exactly what we despise about ourselves we’re afraid

And I’ve been meaning to take mine off

Cause every hat I put on has a different color to go with a different outfit

And I often find myself grasping for the actual me,

The real path of actuality Mr. Nobody

And we all can’t live on like in a world of immortals

The remnant will eventually die

I’m talking about my faces, my charades

Each has a different visage, each with an altered personality Legion

I am the father of an illegitimate monster I constantly attempt to hide away

Collectively they have changed my perspective Mr. Robot

And I’m sick Personality 762. Three times as sick of this vicious game I play with people Smino

And I find my own insecurity is nothing but irrational

So how about I take of this hat.

No more secrets

No more hiding…

And on goes a new pair of laces.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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