Look at me



Look at Me

By: Mariah McKesson


My voice is not my own

My body hides behind a sheer black curtain

Look at me

Just look at me

I’m still the same

While everybody changes

But I’m still stuck behind this thing

A thing that controls me

A thing that moderates my words

So that I wouldn’t have to think

They speak for me

Look at me

So fragile so ill

That not even a breath

Could escape my will

I hide myself

So that no one will see

See me

See this ugly thing

A thing that controls the way I walk, talk, and position myself

To break free

Look at me

Somebody please look at me

I have a face without a name

A soul without a body

To incubate my lifeless touch

I hide behind this mask

So no one will see

But I want them to see

See me

The girl I am equipped to become

Look at me

Just simply look at me

I’m trying to break free

Free from this curse

I’m breaking my shell

Speaking out loud

Look at me

A me that I’m becoming

The me; I was scared of showing

This black mask has doomed me

This mask has stolen from me

A place to call home

But I’m done hiding

I’m ready to emerge

From these strings attached,

From this bitter cold

To have a voice of my own

To stop hiding behind the black sheer curtain

That people see before me

So look at me

At my flaws my imperfections

Just look at me

Without this mask, without this pain

Look at me

To see whom I really am

So I emerge from the curtain

Breaking the black mas as I come forth

Look at me

Just look at me

But don’t look for too long

Because this face I’ve been hiding

Will capture at your heart

The more you enter the more your soul becomes mine

Just look at me

Look at me.

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