The Mask


I observe. 

the way people act, the way they dress, the way they talk

I observe.

their possesion, their gestures, their faces - 

What I observe is their mask.

A mask that protects them from failiure, rididule, from embarrasment

A second identity from their own - an identity that persuades the public of their self- assurance in themselves

an identity that hides thier nature 

from me

I am watching

The public is watching

Whatever identity you present is the one that is judged, the one that is examed, the one that we follow

I too have a mask

we all do

I observe while under my mask, walking through hallways in which I see the others

the shallow

the shy

the loud

What are we afraid from?

Why do we cover ourselves from other?

We procalim ourselves to be forgiving, to be understanding 

Yet the at the site of our true nature we hurt it


I too have felt that hurt, I think we all have

But their are few who stand tall in their naked faces, show their true identity, becoming stronger

And what we fail to understand is that mask we put over our faces only holds us back

trapping us in, feeling as if we can't breathe - we go mad, we cry

Until the point of realization, the mask will govern us


I observe

the way I act, the way I dress, the way I talk

I observe

my possesions, my gestures, my faces

What I observe is my true being - a naked, breathing identity free from a covered past.

A breathing identity that stands against faliiure, ridicule and embarrasement

An Identity That Is My True Nature

uncovered, unmasked.



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