What makes a a place home?

What makes a place home? Is it the familiar faces? The similar skin tones, the popular look alike, the same sexuality, same sex, same ethnic, same nationality, and same race because you all eat the same, dress the same, sound the same and act the same? What makes a place home? Is it necessary to be average to be an imitation or a repition? Why not stand out and be different from the rest so they can stand and test what makes you stand out from the best. Standing behind a mirror doesn’t make you beautiful it makes you blind. Shutting out the world doesn’t make everything go away it makes you afraid. Hiding in the shadows doesn’t fit you right because everything comes to light what makes you YOU? Can you stand out in a crowd and not be swallowed by population and trends that will come to an end? They say shoot for the stars but what’s beyond that? They say hard work doesn’t add up to failure but. What if that one failure brings success? Where do you stand...In life, with love and with yourself. Can you say you’re happy with who you are?  Looking back will never take you forward look up look beyond and step forward. When you fall dust yourself off. Next time you’ll catch yourself. Don’t dig yourself a grave and lay in it. Dig your past a grave. Yes forgive and forget but always learn. Don’t fear the overcome. Be You Be Proud Be Human 


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