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Oh the lives of these people are rough

Because we’re alone trying to be tough

Not to mention that we stay on the outside

We see all the lies, deceit, and hate going on the inside

And the bad part about it is

Some of us want to be a part of it

And those who want it are doomed

Because to fit in

Sometimes causes their own end

A whole bunch of us try to be solid as a rock

But we end up being hollow

And the ones that try to remain see through, opaque

Ends up being tormented by their own lies they tell to the ones they love, fake

Others of us make fortresses within ourselves, make

Then when we get inside we, break

The unfortunate ones don’t choose to feel and just, take

And take, and take and having no outlet causes us to just hate


And hurts us more than we could ever bear or take


I refuse to be a part of this sad stereotype anymore

True I am alone quite often

But it’s possible to find friends, even acquaintances

To help do some maintenance to your broken soul

Because the world can be so cold

Don’t try to fit in

And become a part of the backstabbing, lies, deceit and treason


You were left out for a reason

But I’m not gonna lie to ya

It’s hard sometimes but that’s just life

Don’t let yours end with strife

So here is a SLAP TO YOUR FACE!!!!!

Get your head in the game

And stop trying to be a chicken

When you’re an eagle meant to SOAR BABY SOAR!!!


One more thing

Don’t let Life’s burdens get you down

And you have that real ugly continuous frown

Please replace that with a smile immediately

Cause all those good things you dream about you’ll be

If you continue and see the light ahead

Instead of the darkness you left behind

Peace & Love


The Unfunny Comedian, Poet, and of Course Outcast

Yours truly,



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