I wish I could be a superhero,

The one which everyone looks up to,

The one whose stories are passed through,

The one who is feared by internal foes,


Maybe I could be Spiderman,

Who has won the hearts of many,

Although I think I’ll pass,

As being bitten by a spider sounds so scary,

Let’s try Harry Potter,

The most powerful wizard of all time,

But what if a spell goes wrong,

Should I worry? or Will it be fine?

I know, what about Superman,

With super strength and fabulous flight,

There’s just one problem,

I’m sort of afraid of heights,

The Hulk sounds pretty impressive,

Healing powers combined with underwater breathing,

Yet there’s only one ‘minor’ flaw,

Being green won’t be quite appealing,

Who are superheroes?

There not just people with whimsical powers,

They’re people who make a difference in our world,

People who fall and then rise,

People who choose to be right,

I wish to be a superhero,

The one which everyone looks up to,

However,there is none I can be,

Or maybe its time to find the hidden hero inside of me.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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