don't be like you


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too many kids grew up wanting to be like mike
did you know that when kids got rob for his jordans, he said that what does have to do with me
too many kids wanting to be like ike
did you know he beat up tina turner
too many kids grew up wanting to be like rappers
did you know that they rent cars and houses
oh by the way, alot what they represent is all gimmicks
not the kind of people kids want to mimic
be you-grow up and look to parents as role models
same people that put clothes on your back
although sometimes their style of taste is kind of wack
be you-look at your grandparents as role models
the wisdom they share is priceless like finding gold in a sand
those are the same people that will stand up and march like soldiers in a band
like sonny in bronx tale, father can't pay rent, go ask mickey mantle and see what he'll say
athletes and celebrities go to charities and events because its in their contracts
you'll be lucky if you make numerous contacts
be you-be the next great athlete
don't be like these characters, they'll put on a show worse than a clown
so don't let that stupidity bring you down

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This poem really stresses the importance of individuality. More people need to be made aware of the fact that the only person they should wish to be like is themselves, and I bellieve they can truly learn this from reading this poem.

MVP-Most Valuable Poet

appreciate your thoughts
there are athletes that have given back to their communities and conducted themeselves decently
child's parents, relatives, grandparents, etc have more impact and influence to their kid
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