People always ask me what my plans are
What is my future, my college, my major, my career
They say I need to know, it is a bad thing if don't
All I can tell them is that I have no idea what my future is going to be
I have no idea what I am going to do 
I am a mess
People always say I need to get my work done 
I need to be ahead of the game 
They say I shouldn't wait till the night before, it's a bad thing if I do
All I tell them is that this is how I like to work
I always get everything done that I need to,  just at the last minute
I am a mess
People  always tell me I shouldn't want a tattoo
I shouldn't want to dye my hair bright and beautiful colors 
It will be a problem for me in the future, a respectable girl wouldn't do that
All I can say is that different is beautiful 
I want to bright and radiant and colorful
I am a mess
People always tell me I'm too immature
I shouldn't stay up till two A.M. on the phone
I shouldn't come home so late or laugh so loud or run so fast
All I can say is if not now, when?
Everyone needs to live crazily sometime
I am a mess
People always say I dream too big
That my goals are unachievable and unreachable
They say I should lower my standards, never get my hopes up, never reach
All I can say is that I will reach
I will shoot for the stars, even if I miss
I am a mess
I don't care what people will say about me
I will live my life and love who I am
I am undecided
I am a procrastinator
I am unique
I am crazy 
I am a dreamer
I am a mess
I am me   
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