Free Hugs

I wish there were more people

who walked around the streets with sighs that read:

"Free Hugs!"

I hate to admit, 

and I know others are too, 

that in my life,

I needed those people. 

Where were they when I spent nights in tears,

or when stress grew so immense, 

I nearly collapsed under the pressure. 

For years, I had been Atlas,

carrying the weight of the world on my youthful shoulders.

I needed those hugs, I needed that comfort. 

There are people out there

who are pushed beyond their limit, 

and awareness itself is already a start, 

of a change that might happen, 

of a happening that might change. 

We need to be there, 

through those dark nights, 

like a resuring embrace of a mother, 

like a glass of warm milk after a nightmare, 

like a kiss from a lover,

to say 

"You're alright now."

I wish there was a job 

where we could just hug and whisper sweet nothings to people,

who needs those hugs, who needs that comfort.

Maybe then, I wouldn't have been alone,

in a world that's so cruel,

but so intensly real

and beautiful

and rich

and wonderous

and wild.

I already have the marker ready, 

and my cardboard, too. 

Fifteen stokes, 

it doesn't take a lot,

to hold up a sign and walk around the streets,

giving comfort and love,

if only for a few minutes. 

I think I'll go out there, 

give it a try.

Who knows, 

maybe I'll cause a change to happen, 

or a happening to change. 

But I know this:

We don't have to be Atlas, 

we don't have to carry the world on our shoulders, 

we just have to believe 

and hope 

and love

and care

and share 

and CHANGE. 

And in case you're interested, 

I'm avaible from morning until morning,

with a mind that says:

"Free Hugs!"

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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