Self Worth

You see it on TV

You see it in magazines

The image that you wish to be

All the girls at school have it

Hurling “helpful” insults so you

May have it too

The image that you wish to be

Skinny, talented, beautiful…

The list goes on and on

In your minds eye

You try everything to be like them

Starving yourself until you are skinny

Putting on loads of makeup to cover your face

And as little clothing as possible so

Someone will notice you

Finally you feel like the models in the magazines

And the girls in the hallways

You think you will be accepted in this

Cruel and criticizing world

 But once you step out the door the

Insults come flooding in

You run back inside closing and

Locking the door behind you

There you ponder your self worth

You ponder why you are alive

Then you look in the mirror

And see a broken and helpless girl

Who just needs a shoulder to lean on

You cry out hoping someone will hear you

Hoping someone will come to your side

You sit there a moment listening

But no one is there

You put on a fake smile but you

Are really sinking deeper and deeper

Then a glimmer of hope comes

Someone has noticed that fake smile

And has come to lift you up

To pull you from the depths of criticism

But they aren’t the only ones

More and more people come to your side

To be your float so you don’t sink

They put in front of the mirror

And show you the girl that’s looking back at you

The girl that you saw as broken and helpless

They see as beautiful, talented, and just the right size

They see that you have all the qualities of the models

And the girls in the hallway

In fact you have more

You are smart, funny, and yes a little bit weird

But you are awesome and the sooner you realize that

The sooner you can share your awesomeness with others

So that they may too discover that they are one of a kind

And so are you

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