Rock in the Leather Jacket


I am making mistakes

Bumping down the road without a break,

Binging on food so that  I can be in a bettter mood.

I am the rock in the leather jacket,

Standing against the gate looking cool

I strive to be kind, but this life has gotten my manners set on rewind

You see me in my leather jacket looking confident,

Walking the streets so fierce.

The truth is, the thought of the future is taking away my bliss.

I feel like I am the worst, so I act like I'm the best

Is this all a part of God's test?

The fear of being perceieved as weak,

Prevents me from saying a peep.

Why can't I just admit, 

That I am a stressed out rock-loving misfit? 

I am a rocker hiding in a leather jacket can't you see?

No, because if you knew, 

That would just kill me.


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