Lie or Survive?

We are strong
We are confident
We are fearless
We are...
We are lies
We lie about everything
We have put on these personas
These masks
That hide ourselves from everyone
To hide everyone from ourselves
We put on a brave face
When things get bad
When we are sad
We put on a smile too
It is foolproof
We have built walls
That no hero or bomb can get through
Not that we need or want help
Because we are fine
We have a gun or knife because we are fine
We smoke and take pills because we are fine
We are crying and screaming because we are fine
Because we are fine
No one would question it
If our father leaves
And we console our siblings instead of grieving
we are considered strong
We are strong when we bundle and hide our emotions
And let it out in a place that someone else will find them
If we go through another bomb threat or school shooting
We are seen as brave
If we decide to console the kids who are crying
Instead of freaking out ourselves
We are brave
We are confident when we accept compliments and ignore the glares
So many stares
Even though we are cutting ourselves down on the inside
We are confident
We are fearless when we go through each day and decide to take risks
Raise your fists
Stick up for someone
Even when the person responsible for the pain is the scariest
Person we have ever seen
Maybe they aren't mean
They just can't show affection
While carrying a weapon
We are fearless
We are lies
We lie about the fears
The tears
The nightmares and anger
We lie about being brave
We lie about being strong
We lie about confident
We lie about being fearless
We lie about the pain
All the years of pain
Then someone comes around and causes it all to change
We start to trust
But only just
Cracks slowly form in the mask
Holes poke through the wall
We pray that it doesn't fall
It took too long to put up
Please don't fall
But then it happens
It falls
And then we are alone
The damage is done
And we stare at the mess we have made
We grab the broom and take charge
Yes we lie
No, we are not okay
But we are better
We are ourselves
No one can be us but us
That is the new revolution
Not food
Just us
It started with us
Only we can finish it
No more masks
No more walls
No more lies
Because we will 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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