A Poem About a Poem

What is a poem to you? Is it just words put together that happen to rhyme?

Is it words that discuss your history or what is occurring in the present time?

To me a poem is much more than words on a page

It is my outlet, it is my fingers purging my worries and my pain onto a blank space

My keyboard screaming with the thoughts of yesterday and the stress that I have gone though

I can not help but to embrace the now not so empty space

Since my tongue cannot speak the words as beautifully as the metaphors that take its place

When you speak with your emotions it is sometimes hard to understand

When you turn your emotions into an art you see your thoughts from a different stance

Poetry cannot leave you, it cannot betray you, it cannot cause you guilt or regret

Poetry has allowed me to express myself and allows me to be more confident

When I feel there is a day where my thoughts are unclear

I can sit and write and feel the world disappear

That is the beauty of poetry

It does not let the chaos of the world define me.

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