The Walls Just Keep Crumbling

The walls just keep crumbling...

Into the sea in which I keep fumbling

As I looked upon the water something I wasn't able to see

A reflection of my world and the reflection of me

And I turned for a moments’ gaze in which my eyes did steal

To my surprise the world before me wasn't real

If my reflection glimpsed at my face my expression would have been shown

For the people in this world I had not ever known

Each face I gazed so deeply upon

Was wearing a mask that was different from someone


The walls started falling to the ground

Hear the noises I could, but the pieces were never found

Confused, the search for clues and answers began

But never any hints as I looked while I ran

Suddenly I came across a unique masked person who gave me a glare

Her mask struck me as odd but the people kept moving while she just stood there

So I approached this stranger

And prayed my heart out that my life wasn't in danger

I met the masked stranger face to face and I felt the wind blow

As she told me the questions I wanted answered I already know

"The walls soon will be gone" her face said with a smile and a tear

"Finally this world filled with nothing will soon disappear

It was I who pulled you into this loophole

And through your search for answers you find me of all people"

I looked at the masked people whose masks were as dark as night

And looked back at hers which was a glowing pale white

"You created those people, those lies don't you see?

I am the truth, your reflection is me

You created this wall to protect all your lies

More and more enter and none of them dies


“Now you know which answer you truly yearn

The truth you uncovered and now you must return"

I turned and ran toward the sea

And remembered her words "Don't forget about me"

Then I looked upon the water at the water rotation

And inside the water came my reflection

As I emerged out of that place

I made a vow to myself, to walk around without a mask on my face

Now I'm free from the sea in which I kept fumbling

And forever those walls just keep crumbling


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