The Queen Bee Conformity


We line up like marching ants

We listen to the Queen Bee.


Tell me what to do 

Tell me what to be 


I sweat 

I smell

I stress


The #2 pencil shakes in my hand

         a chewed up eraser

         a chewed up brain


The fait of my life 

         rests on standarized tests.


Set fire to them

Set fire to my life


I am doomed,

         my test scores are too low.


Constantly in the shadow of the superiors.

My sleepless nights dedicated to this dogmatic 

         right of passage. 


What is childhood? 

What is High School? 

        A dystopian institution. 


We are all marching ants

We all listen to the Queen Bee


We are mindless drones

Our futures are determined 

        By 80 questions.


Be careful 

For if you fail 

You are doomed 

        To continue this life that was already assumed. 


Don't listen to voices 

        Follow your own path.

Don't stray

Don't sway

Be true to you


Don't mimick the trend

Don't be a mindless robot 

        "There's always a fork in the road 

         and I took the path less traveled by." (Frost) 


I will not conform 

       Bend or sway

I will be the Queen Bee 

       and you will listen to my melody. 

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