I am Me

I am Me


I may not like my eyes

Dark brown and boring

A eye color

billions have

I may not like my smile

Lips a little too thick

Not quite pink enough

A sign of my heritage

of where i come from.

My fingers are long

crooked, awkward

a flaw i can’t hide away.


My long spindly legs

littered with spots and



The scars of life.


My skin makes me stand out

in a crowd of olive and cream.

Dark and sweet,

My mother says.

I may not like my voice

or the things I say.


Sometimes my test scores

don’t turn out the right way.

Sometimes I feel stupid,

even when I’m told

I’m above average.

But what is average,

am i average,

are you average?


I may not know the answer

like i don’t know the answer

to many things


I know the answer to one thing

That I am


I am stupid

I am smart

I am dark

I am bright

I am a awkward soul

in and even weirder package

I am Me

Because there is no one else to be.


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