I Am a Goddess

I do not wear your skinny jeans
Nor your tight tube tops
Or Hollister shirts.
I do not succumb
To your “perfection”
Your rules
Your life.

You may be frightened
To break the shell they put you in
But I will not be.
I will stand out
As me
And not a clone.

I will not hide from the light
Showing only what will not offend.
I will scream and cuss and fuck
As loud as I want.
And you will watch.
You will hear,
And you will feel.

Feel disgust,
Feel pain
Fear or anger
If you must,
But I see beauty.
I see love.
I see passion and humanity
In all its best lights.

I am a goddess
Chained down for your amusement.
I am not a clone
And this scares the hell out of you.

Does my religion frighten you?
My appearance and faith?
My desire and my emotion
Are not for your mockery.

My life is not yours
To control or to live.
I am not your clone
And I disapprove of your cloning.

You hate me for taking my own rout,
But I pity you.
You who cannot stand for yourself.
You who cannot breathe out of the tune.
You, who are the same faces,
Over and over again.

I do not hate you
For hating my passion.
Or mock you
For mocking my love.
I pity that you cannot see
How genuine this is.

I am a goddess
In human skin
And I frighten you
With my independence.

I am a dragon
In her lair
And you choose to prod at me
Hoping to see the beauty
And fearing the teeth.

I am a unicorn,
A phoenix,
A nymph
A griffin!

I am all the things
You revere
And your reverence
Brings you anger.
Your anger gives you fear.
Your fear makes you hate.
And you hate
Because you do not understand.

You do not understand
How I avoid falling into the trap
Of hating yourself
And trying to clone
The same effects as you.

You do not understand my words
Though I speak in plain English.
Nor my expressions
Though you have seen similar elsewhere.

You do not understand me.
So how do you dare?
Try and control me,
Try to make me fear
But I know beauty.
I know love and joy.
And you will not take them from me.

For I am a goddess
And your mortal wounds
Cannot kill me.


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