The undeniable truth about high school is that we are one of the same. 

You. Me. What's the difference?

We all wear a mask to hide the real person underneath. If anybody found out who you really were, Your life would never be the same.

We adapt to our surroundings because we are taught survival of the fittest. One wrong move and your life could be over.

One day you might have friends, the next they're gone. 

You could be popular, Have all the money in the world and be the star player on your sports team but one wrong move and you're gone. Nothing nothing can save you. 

In high school girls wear make up to hide who they truly are. Guys wear fancy clothing, hats, anything to fit in. 

Girls nowadays aren't eating because they want to look attractive. They have to be small to be accepted. You can't have any blemishes. They can't have anything special about them.

They have to have make up on to disguise who they really are. They have to wear beautiful clothing to impress other girls and to get the guys.

Girls have to be popular to fit in at school. They have to be a part of the in crowd so badly that they become somebody that they never wanted to be. They become a mask. They wear a costume that doesn't fit quite right and soon lose themselves in the void of the world. 

Guys change their attitude. They try to act like the cool kids. They try and wear the best clothes. Drive the coolest cars. And try to impress the girls. They become a puppet. A toy in a toy box that gets lost.

Why does everybody try to conform to this world. Just doesn't make sense. Why would you try to look like everybody else, when you could be yourself.

For once, girls shouldn't care about their size or their makeup, but about their real self and the things they like. Guys shouldn't try to be like everyone else. They should be themselves and stand out in the crowd.

Why do we want to fit in so badly only to end up a face among hundreds.

Be different.

Stand out of the crowd and be yourself.

Don't conform to this world.

Be an Anomaly

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