True To You

True to You: A Poem of Being Yourself

As a senior I’ve made mistakes,

But the best advice I can give,

Be true to you

It saves pain and sorrow

Guilt and remorse

I want to give this advice to all and on terms you grasp,

Jocks; you can beat anyone at being you

Actors; the greatest role you’ll ever portray is yourself

Writers; your best story will always be you

Readers; be who you’re meant to be and let your character shine through the pages of your life

School enthusiasts; be yourself and ace the test of life with flying colors

Artists; become your own greatest masterpiece

Hipsters; be your own breed of hip

Collectors; display your traits like you would your finest collection

Gamers; don’t let the world create your real life avatar, create your own

Adrenaline junkies; get your greatest thrill from being you

Band members, orchestra members, and singers; dance to your own beat, play to your own tune, and create your own rhythm

Debaters; the greatest point you’ll ever argue is why you are who you are

Dancers; don’t be afraid to step out of line and create your own dance

Comic lovers; become your own hero by being you

Hunters; being yourself should be your greatest target

Fishers; you are your greatest catch

Comic-con attendees; always remember who’s under the costume

Ranch hands and horseback riders; let your personality run as free as a stallion

Surfers; don’t wipe out on the wave of life just because you veer away from yourself

Skaters; without being yourselves your tricks become pointless

Dreamers; dreams only come through when you stay true

Poets; ink infused with your true self will inspire poems far more than any muse

Magicians; there is no act greater than waving your wand and making the true you appear

Cheerleaders; don’t forget to cheer for yourselves

Scuba divers; you don’t need to dive far to find yourselves

Fashionistas; take a break from the magazines to remember you don’t have to match the models

Teachers; teaching the same lessons doesn’t mean you have to lose your personalities

Let others in but don’t let them change you

Stay true

Be you

Don’t ever let anyone say you are not good enough,

You are not worth it,

You are not treasured,

You are not loved,

Because you are!


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