Perfect Imperfections


United States
32° 30' 52.4736" N, 90° 7' 50.808" W

So I'm not perfect,
But neither are you.
You might try to doubt that,
But it really is true.

I have braces and glasses,
And frizzy hair.
Sometimes I dress oddly,
But I like what I wear.

I'm not some super genius,
I don't always get straight A's.
But I'm still quite proud of myself,
For trying my best each and every day.

I rarely put on makeup,
And I'm not considered wealthy.
I've never been out tanning,
Because I know that it's not healthy.

My skin isn't flawless,
I still don't have a car.
But even if I could drive,
It's not like I'd go very far.

I'm fine with where I am in life,
And the person I've become.
So what if I don't fit in here?
I'd never change where I come from.

So yes, I'm far from perfect,
But that word means nothing to me.
You should only stick to being,
The best that you can be.


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