Remember the Mist

Billowing – passing

Singing – Moaning

Weeping – crooning

‘Til Dawn – still floating.


And when it is

But close your eyes

Smell the coffee

Roll over - rise


The taste is king -

The best of all

Bitterness – sweet –

“A mocha – tall.”


A quiche you’ll try

Along with pears

The sour skittles -

The strangest dares


You stop and wonder

What you’ve done

Committed, decided

Accomplished – won


But then, you see,

You cannot win

When all is lost –

By denticle skin


You’re on the road

A bus just missed

A deer just sprinted

Out through the mist


You thank your stars

That you’re not dead

Again – that you’ve

Been happily wed


To rabbit’s feet

And four-leaf clover.

Then skip along

‘Til your life’s over. “

Remember love -

That which is lost –

And greater thoughts

Of fire and frost


A bird reborn

Of fire and ash -

A baptism -

A funeral sash.


And in the twilight

Blink and twist -

Remember me -

Embrace the mist.


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