My Amazing Kingdom


The Meeting Point
United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W

My mind is a portal to worlds of possibilities of success. There I sit in my imaginary kingdom of ease and finesse While I caress my thoughts of future glory and a new kind of persona- A man that will generate much fame and renown. I say to myself, "I am the King Of Myself and no one can stop me Because one day I will marry a woman of divine beauty." My Kingdom was assailed by a tempest that wanted to overthrow me But I reigned supreme through resilience and equanimity. I will not fall nor falter in the sight of the danger Since I know well that I shall succeed in my time of need! I am King and I am Mind, I shall reign in a land that I was born assuring myself that there will never be a day where I am forlorn.

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