You? Me? Society?


I am a nice ass,

A sweet face,

A little too passive.


I am a dream,

A desire to be tamed,

A little too aggressive.


I am defined

By the number of likes

On my Instagram photos.


I am defined

By the number of lips

That have touched my own.


I am a dictation of society,

I am a dictation of you,

I am a dictation of me.


Now what I do and say,

That comes from me.

That's who I am,

That's how I am.


But how I'm perceived,

That's a whole other matter.


It comes from you,

It comes from society.

From their desires to

Label, to classify,

Every. Little. Thing.


You hold hands with girls?

Must be gay.

Drink a little?

Party girl.

Cuss a bit?

Let's not even go there...


I am a conglomeration

Of filters

And stories.

Of whispers

And rumors.


At least in the eyes

Of everybody else.


But what they see,

And choose to hear,

Has little relation

To who I am.


All these rumors,

These nasty little tricks,

Disguise my nature,

My root,

My essence

To all,

Including myself.


One thing that I do

Does not define

My entire existence.


It's the many things,

The collection of memories,

The acts of kindness.


It's what has been done to me,

What I have done to others,

The acts of passion.


It's the small quirks,

That make me memorable.

The odd little things,

And sounds,

And faces I make

Unbeknownst to me

When my mind is 

Lost in thought.


But at the core,

In the deepest

Rooms of my heart,

I am the same

As everyone else.


I hold the same desires,

To be loved,

To be accepted.


The same subconscious wants,

To be a part of something

Bigger than myself,

Bigger than my labels.



As much as I am,

What society says,

What you say.


All I am,

Is everyone else.

All that differs:

Labels and rumors.


A different face,

Another ass,

sweet or not,

nice or not.


I am myself.

I am individual.

I am human.

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