As I ambled, disconnected from the intricate outlet

From the shielded.

I pondered into the immense depths of the collosal evergreens

Sunlight, a barely gleaming ray seeping 

Seeping an exhaustive picture

A picture that enraptured me

An intimate feeling of complete structure

Yet alone.

These monuments, as what they deem to be

Are like an almost complete puzzle piece missing

Just one piece.

I am that piece.

And it is my own.



It seemed to me that I was filtered

Filtered right out.

And what society thinks is just

Hampers you from ambitions

Quite the contrary to the tree, you see

As it is it's own

Compiling all its needs

To create one astonishment

An original composition of meticulous detail

Amongst billions.



So we are only threadbare

A diaphanous silhouette that intertwines

Man with himself and his peers

Like a ball of yarn

Born different yet becoming the same

And as we practice with great difficulty 

Reversing ourselves

Without thought

Into pieces of blank paper

Once crumpled and marked

Now pristine.



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