When you wake up in the morning you see yourself 

but at the end of the day are you still you 

you put on this mask to prove yourself to this world 

that you cover up the REAL you

 thinking that part of you people won't given a chance to

but judge

You try and convents yourself as you call the person in the mirror you 

as the reflection reveal the inner you that you keep hidden 

only becoming a stranger you  can't even recognized

and every morning you wake up and put on that disguise

Ask yourself are you proud of what you see yourself as

is that who you want to be

you might say you have no chose but that's in the eyes of others

you hold the decision to take off the MASK   

this world is filled with mirrors but it doesn't mean you will be 

happy every time you look in it 

and if you are not happy at what you see its time for you to




I most definitely like this one. I've caught myself in a disguise myself.


I know what you mean i do the same thing but its good to be true to who you are and proud of it .Thank you for the support .Please check more of my poetry and tell me how you feel about it .

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