sh*t you can't say to you teacher

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I can’t fully express to you the anger I feel When you, an “unbiased” educator, Preach your own gospel about a man you never knew- Shakespeare. You spew lies across the classroom like throwing knives,
No talking turns into  No singing turns into No whisling turns into No humming turns into No noise turns into No thinking turns into No Learning.   We don't talk to annoy you.
Teach them to pass a test, Teach them to raise their hand, Teach them there is no future, For those that form a band. Teach them to stay silent, Teach them to sit up straight,
These words are not for my past teachers
Dear ProfessorI speakI speak on nothing so you do not hear meI bleedI bleed not blood but knowledge as it boils overI have not reached my full potentialDear Professor
Sometimes I really just want to scream. Please tell me this is a horrible dream! I'm bored out of my mind, Insanity of a subtle kind, English.   It's rather absurd 
“You don’t know everything Ms. Johnson!” “I know everything that goes on in my classroom!” “Oh you do!?!?! You know all about your students? Do you know what they deal with outside of these four walls? I don’t think so!”
I’ll tell you one thing about our school That will probably never change Whenever anyone tries to stand up To make a big, real difference For anything or anyone They’re shut Repressed  
Now I'll admit, there are idiots
I think a thought that's full of things,
We are big boys and girls. We know where we're going in life. We don't need to know about the weight you lost over break. We just need what will get us an "A". We need help when we ask for it.
Every Sunday she worries what the week will bear, scared and nervous, not wanting to go back there.  Watching quietly as the teachers let it happen, no one will say a word, 
Kids, teens, youg adults, we are not all the same. Not in our ability to learn nor our in our ability to remember what we've learned. So why,
We teach our words so simple, this is how they soundWe tell the world to listen, expect a smile or frownWe think we know what's right, but often overlookedThe choice of which to choose, while writing our own books
We know the seduction of a harsh word Like we know the succubus-like tendencies Of pressure. The do-its are like Loreley Singing our ship against the winds And we stroke And we stroke
    I am a student at Space Coast High School,
Did you know I have dreams, hopes and goals, a wish? I'm sure you did- doesn't everybody have ambitions to admit? But did you know I can't manage to look past my wrists?
My english teacher, (A brilliant man, really), He likes to tell us that all subjects are connected. Obviously such distinct lines  Drawn between subject classes Are unneccessary and hinder.
Damn Ma! That ass is- Pause. I hade a dream- pause. Where's your salary- pause. Broke B*- pause. I'm right, you're- pause. Your shirt is see thr- pause.
Dear Teacher of mine, I have a few questions I would like to ask you. You always told me to ask questions when I had them. Funny how whenever I try to ask you, you never seem to answer,
Dear Teachers That Suck, You see me sit in silence You see me (try to) ace your class You see me waving to you in the halls You see me suck up You think I'm too nice to be angry
Time is all I have... Don't waste it.  In this age of instant lights buttons that gratify Inefficiency in busywork grates on my Instacultured mind. Please  
You couldn't survive the battle we fight almost every single day.
"I'll be fresh as hell with the feds watchin..." 2 Chainz provided me with my theme song for the week I was incarcerated. The Deans of Students decided that I was suddenly a criminal.
Its been 12 school years,and i've been looking at these same ole' boys and gals'.Looligagging up and down these same ole' halls.These same ole' teachers who know thatthey don't care at all.
Study tonight, so you'll be bright,  get the answers right, to soar at new heights.    Come into school, wipe off your drool,  sharpen your pencil, it's your only machine tool!  
You see a Face, A Statistic A Number Another name on a list.  But I am MORE      -A Person.
The homework papper cuts us dry, sitting in your office to hear you cry. guess nobody wore cloths today, i did'nt join in, they called me gay. kids ask me "you got somthin to say?",
Scholar won't you school me, or will you leave me dumb? Teacher won't you teach me, or shall I hold my tongue? Instructor, instruct me, before I start to shout! Lecturer, lecture me,
Teacher Teacher, do you see us as passing faces? Another year another set of faces? Don't you want to know more? More about us? Like how Miranda's mother tells her she's worthless?
Sit up straight, chin up, eyes straight ahead. I feel like I'm in a pageant instead of a place of higher learning. I've been here only a few months, but at times my spirit is filled with dread.
The echo of a snicker. My feelings their biggest conquer. Emotional hurt they prefer. Poking at me,  That memory still showcased. Authority refused to see. Now they hide behind cyberspace,
What, you may ask, bothers me about school? Well, first I will tell you it’s not really cool How every damn day I get out of bed And do the same old thing; I’m caught on a sled.
To gain one's respect, you must first show respect. Whether you are a teacher or student, you mustn't select. Age is not a limit but people tend to forget. When you forget respect, you will live in regret.
How can you have said all the things you have said, done the things you have done, implied the things you have implied? Your words, so comforting and kind are all lies. Lies.
Teacher, you sit in class
I actually find it quite interesting. This provocative idea of perfect education.
I know it's Monday You always say that But you don't know My Saturday I have a life outside of this classroom.   Maybe I went to a funeral For someone who died Far too young
Don't hold back on your teachings. You are to make me learn. Don't complain to me that you're not making enough money for this. Be my tutor.  Let me understand every detail of this subject.
High School, a place of pity, I ask the teacher "are you listening",  
From pre-k to twelfth grade, we are taught to keep quiet, raise our hands, and be nice to everyone. I know my abc's and my 123's, but not the essentials. As a senior in high school,
What would I say? If I could say it all. I would say.... The class is a bore, nothings new nothings different This class is a snore, its monochrom, monotone, a robots drone
"Stand up," you say "You'll use this someday" But that day never comes for T. Gray   They called her whore, and  you heard all of this Yet you ignored it because ignorance is bliss  
"Stand up," you say "You'll use this someday" But that day never comes for T. Gray   They called her whore, and  you heard all of this Yet you ignored it because ignorance is bliss  
In a sea of fish, You are the sand. On Christmas day, you are the socks my mom bought for us. In an orchard of peaches,
I'm more than test. at best, our education's a mess.   Poorly designed, leaves kids behind, instills the grind of "working life."   I have to take action, no satisfaction,
"Please take a seat. The test will begin shortly." The dreaded words. Just the thought of taking this test makes me sick to my stomach. I have test anxiety. Whenever a test is placed in front of me, I blank.
That I don't understand I'm not sure if I will soon, either,  But know that I'm trying my hardest It's just that I'm too scared to ask questions in class Because I don't know how to word
Techer, teacher I wouldn't dare Not in here, nor out there I promise you I did not swear.   I am not bad like students you've had. Speaking such words, do you think i've gone mad?  
I walk into class every day, and wonder why. The teachers here get paid, with little effort instilled by their minds. I want a teacher who teaches! And loves doing it too!
Please, justify my actions.  When I can find the reasoning to explain myself.   Heal me, your less-than-ideal, with some affirmation. To isolate is cruel, and a detriment for a sound foundation.
That's not my problem Said a cold voice She said It's an opportunity Just pay   I replied I can't, or I don't know how I gotta go to work Is there something? Silence
The value of an education, I believe it's high. But that's not what you're teaching me. That's not how I'm getting by. Memorize equations and graphs and sheets and facts. Just to spit them out again
  An education is something that’s long With angry teachers constantly yelling So you need to be ready and be strong Or Students will be finally telling   The rallies at school make us really sad
I am different, Differnt from you, and you, and the girl in the back, Not different in general like everyone else is from others, But uniqely. I have a gift, A gift that I'm not even sure about,
Teaching a langauage is his speciality, He should think things over before he speaks to me. He's not even my teacher yet it's me he judges, Little did he know I am known for holding grudges.
You should have gone before class, Why the hell are you late? Let me see your hall pass, No this is not up for debate. You shouldn't be stressed out, I have it worse than you.
Nowhere to run No one to talk to Try to confide in a teacher  Threatens DHR Just want to be heard  Some one to know my pain No where to hide  Time to face the day.
In 1776 something important happened. On October 25 2012 I could tell everything about it, but the test is over I can't remember anything about it now. Molecules are important
You scribble concepts for all to see, Back to the classroom as you walk through the equation.  The board is full of color but my mind is clean and untouched, empty of any knowledge you were supposed to convey.  The value in this lecture is palpabl
you say you treat us like adults but, all i hear from your mouth is insults stop repeating the instructions over and over and over i heard you the first time
I'm not just a number,  I sit here and wonder, Does my teacher even know my full name? I don't care about your personal problems. I'm having high school problems with a teacher who thinks I'm a grade.
You say that you really care, but do you show it, NO! Have you ever been there for me when I was getting harassed, NO! You just  made it looked like I was  the snitch and not a victim,
You break me, With every little word you say and every call to action,  Embellishing reward that goes along with.  You say do this it looks good on applications and glare when the class looks on in silence.
This shouldn't happen. There she goes. That poor girl. She keeps walking though they are calling her those ugly names louder than thunder.
I sit here in my seat listening to your speal.Courtesy courses through my veins,a passive look plastered on my face.I hate this class I think in my head.I can’t even focus, not a chance.
We the people expect an education. Teachers who know what they are saying. Teachers who hand their students the essential tools To find their inner selves.
Sitting in uncomfortable chairs, In a class where no one cares. You keep talking about useless things,, As we wait until the class bell rings. You’re a horrible teacher, who can’t teach,
I need to go running Run out to the edge and just look out and actually see Because you can see so much more from the edge I need to see where I am where I'm going because I can't I need coffee
The panopticon encloses, consumes a prisoner, working for time off always cleaned up after supper dragged the wet rags across the frozen shower floor
In this box, This concrete box? Love is won and sold. Emotions are high everywhere you look. Depression, Compassion; Attraction
High school teachers with your strict rules Thinking you doing whats best for the school Everything in fact is being screwed Having created many enemies against you  
What use do these confines have for us? We are biological specimens of movement, not mind. Yet we define our own prisons, answer to the perceived rather than actual.
STOP RIGHT THERE. Just because your assignment lacks clarity and I'm asking for some, Just because you like the sound of your own voice, Just because I'm trying to correct a mistake YOU made,
Let them out!   Please, for the love of the Goddess, Let them run in the dandelion fields. Let them dance to the rhythm of the spinning Earth, To experience the Beauty of Life -- 
If I'm here on time, you should be too I'm one minute late, what do you do? "Tardy! Detention!" But that's just not fair Because two minutes late, you walk in without care  
Math is a foreign language Spoken in devilish tongues. I can't find my favorite pair of socks, Let alone some letter mixed with some random numbers.   History is just a bunch of
Oh dear teacher it’s that time again The time of year that we all Dred the most Where we have to hold our tongues and hold our pencils even tighter I am a student, your student 365 days a year
When I was in eleventh grade, I had an English teacher who made me want to be a teacher... because she was so useless that I didn’t learn nothing from her.   Well, I guess that’s not exactly
Before you let that word slip and let him slit his lifeline, think of your own lips being stapled shut because the school would be a better place without your words
The future of children lies with education  and isn't that obvious? The better teachers are,  the more America produces.  So why is there the disparity between jobs and education?
Life's all about the little ironies And taking them at face value   We wipe our brows, grin at chance Bracing against fatigue and famine, Peering across the dunes that is our system
You Can't Say Shit to your TEACHERS! Because they think they make a difference they think that they can make a change in those 40 long minutes, something will happen,
Teacher, teacher We need a breather Homework is a lot of stress Our lives are already a mess We’re up all night And getting up so early “Go to school, it’ll be alright”
She has changed us. We used to have pride, known who we were but she changed that. The head of the creature that scandal and corruption created, she turned our everyday holding into
You tell me to raise my hand when I know the answer.  I have several answers for the things you want me to know. I know where Belgium is. I know why CO2 is a greenhouse gas. I know who the fifth president was.
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