Bones Of Steel


Teacher, you sit in class

Apple in hand

A globe sits on a giant brown oak desk 

Filled with red ink scrawled papers

Marked with big red 0's and Incompletes

Teaching us topics of science,  english. and math

But what about the real world, Teacher?

Why are children so cruel, Teacher?

Why does the world hate me so much, Teacher?

If you're so damn smart, with your fancy degrees

Demanding respect that is earned

Not just given because it is assumed you are the wiser between the two of us

Why, Teacher?

Why can I sit in a class and know how to balance a chemical equation between Potassium and Oxygen

But you are no-where to be found when it spells out K.O. 

My periodic table ends up being the edge of the desk where they bash my head

Oh teacher, dilluded, prideful, teacher

How you know so much, but speak so little

How you've lived so much, but understand so little

How you think know me by test scores from exams made for a specific type of mind

How little you comprehend

The world is so much bigger than the fake wooden doors of your classroom

The world is so much bigger than your disallusioned ego

The world is so much bigger than what you think you know

Nothing worth learning is ever taught

It is learned through experence 

And you, Teacher, know nothing but what the text books written by bigger idiots tell you

Ignorance flows through the veins you talk about in anatomy class

Work harder, you say

While working myself until my eyes are bloodshot and heavy

From a continual lack of sleep

And a continual lack of hope of passing classes

Fading into the wee hours of the morning

You just need to try, you say

As I cry myself to sleep from my inadequacy and my inevitable failure

You do not care

You see my name and a test score

The person behind the test score

The struggle behind the test score

The angusish behind the test score 

Will never surpass your preconsieved notions

With your limited understanding of the world right in front of you

Luckily, I have 206 bones of steel


Dipped in a mixture of Tungsten and Chronium with 100 mL of I don't care anymore



This is raw truth

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