An "Unbiased" Educator's Gospel

Fri, 12/13/2013 - 23:04 -- missrk

I can’t fully express to you the anger I feel

When you, an “unbiased” educator,

Preach your own gospel about a man you never knew- Shakespeare.

You spew lies across the classroom like throwing knives,

Dare students to defy you as you hold their grades hostage.

From your throne, you declare the playwright never loved another man

Because how could a mind so brilliant be so repulsive to love the same sex.

Because how could such a skillful tongue ever entwine and dance with cells containing a forbidden ‘Y’ chromosome.

Out of your fear and ignorance, you dream up your own past,

Expound your own reality to the malleable minds of youth.

When studying his sonnets (elegant strings of love and admiration),

You tell your students to pretend the poet’s muse is female

Because it’s just too disgusting to even imagine two men loving one another.

But one blessed day the line of church and state,

A line that you have so cleverly blurred within the four walls of your classroom,

Will burst into flames like a border dosed in gasoline, burning all of your false pretenses.

And your homophobic lesson plans, along with your teaching contract, will be turned to ashes and carried far away by the wind of progress.


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