You Can't Say

Sat, 10/26/2013 - 21:16 -- rdayana

You Can't Say Shit to your TEACHERS!

Because they think they make a difference

they think that they can make a change

in those 40 long minutes, something will happen,

while they pass out sheets and write on the black board

while you take notes straining to pay attention to thier words

while it flushes out thier mouth for 6 hours

Something will happen in that classroom to make students work

work and strive for succeses outside the classroom

some spark of knowledge or a sudden euphoric burst of inspriaion will happen- it won't

For some staying in a 6 hour prison drains life and plans

cause thier life outside the prison taught them those lessons

and if they say SHIT to thier Jailers they get hours added onto thier 12 year sentence

You want to be like Jeff Bliss and say SHIT to the TEACHERS to open thier eyes

Say SHIT so that a  message from the STUDENTS can finally be heard

but you can't say shit to your teacher






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