The Disrespectful Jerk


Teaching a langauage is his speciality,

He should think things over before he speaks to me.

He's not even my teacher yet it's me he judges,

Little did he know I am known for holding grudges.

He asked me why I dress so dark,

He thinks i'm a hoodlum that smokes pot at the park.

He has told me and my friends that our piercings make us ugly,

Called us "emo", "goth", "punks", because that's all he can see.

Well now it's my turn I have something to say,

You better hold your tongue or i'll get you fired right away.

I am not just what you see on the outside,

You have no idea how many times I've cried.

Just because I choose to have piercings, tattoos, and dress the way I do,

Does not mean that i'm any less of a person than you.

I'm a kind and caring person, I stand up for my friends, myself, and what I believe,

I'm sure all you got was coal in your stocking on Christmas Eve.

You are out of line for picking on my friends and me,

You do not know our hopes, dreams, pasts, futures, or insecurities.

So think twice before you look at someone only skin deep,

Fix your attitude and stop discriminating, i'm not the freak. You're the real creep.


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