From Then To Now (Sh*t you can't say to your teachers scholarship)


We the people expect an education.

Teachers who know what they are saying.

Teachers who hand their students the essential tools

To find their inner selves.

A lighthouse guiding them to self-enlightenment.

They must keep themselves from swaying to and fro.

Teachers who can light the torch

In the hearts and minds of the young.

We are like sponges

Who crave and soak knowledge.

We are still being molded like clay,

Our shape is still undetermined and unlimited.

We are toddlers

Naïve and inexperienced;

We seek life experiences and reflections.

With these tools we grow and modify to our environment.

Each one of us is like a painting,

Unique and different from the rest.

Yet, we cover ourselves

With veils and fail to reveal to the world

Who we are.


The way we view and interpret the world

Around us is because of our teachers.

The interactions that are made and the steps they take

Help us to reach for the stars while not caring if we overshoot.

This is the true meaning of being a teacher.

These are people we will look back upon and never forget.

These are teachers I respect and wish to follow

In their footsteps.

I want my students to walk into my class

Feeling secure and driven to learn.

I want them to gain something from my class.

Whether it be factoids in history,

Confidence in themselves,

Or a new outlook on life.

Our words may not show it,

But our actions do.

We may not tell you,

But we care and crave for an



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