Approved Curriculum


Teach them to pass a test,
Teach them to raise their hand,
Teach them there is no future,
For those that form a band.
Teach them to stay silent,
Teach them to sit up straight,
Teach them the grades they get now,
Will forever decide their fate.
Always teach them how,
Do not ever teach them why,
Teach them what they do now,
Will affect them until they die.
Stay on topic, do not stray,
Discourage any curious mind,
And always remind them of the Standards,
When you start to get crunched on time.
The school board has pre-approved
Your lessons,
It's given you a grading scale,
And you will forever clench your teeth,
Knowing the real world is not pass or fail.
So Good luck on your school year,
From your school board,
of which you are so very fond,
And here is the list of questions,
You are not permitted to respond:

"Teacher, what are taxes?
Why do we have to pay them?
Teacher, what are faxes?
And how do we even send them?
Teacher, what are politics?
How do we choose to support them?
What should be in survival kits,
In case I ever needed to use them?
Teacher, what are the arts?
Teacher, how can I follow my dreams?
Teacher, why do we fight wars,
When we are told there are other means?
Teacher, who decided swears are bad,
And tattoos will keep you from getting a career?
Why are we subjected to censorship,
When we're told there's nothing to fear?
Teacher, what is bankruptcy?
Teacher, what is a loan?
What is the proper etiquette,
When interviewing over the phone?
Teacher, why does college cost so much,
When we are told it's a requirement?
How do I manage money and such,
When it's time for my retirement?
Teacher, why are you upset?
Why is the school system failing?
Although I can probably bet,
it's because of the standard scaling.
Teacher, why do we wear uniforms,
That hide our individuality?
How am I wrong for believing in unicorns,
Yet religion is a reality?
Teacher, how can I survive,
After my diploma is signed in ink,
When my brain has withered and died,
Because I was never allowed to think?"

So good luck on your school year,
From your school board,
Sorry budget cuts altered your pay.
At the end of the year,
We'll review your class average,
And see if test scores allow you to stay.


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