Teacher Teacher, do you see


Teacher Teacher, do you see us as passing faces?

Another year another set of faces?

Don't you want to know more?

More about us?

Like how Miranda's mother tells her she's worthless?

Or how Tyler is afraid of his older brothers who beat him?

Did you know Kara is homeless and going night by night in the latest hookup's bed just to have a bed?

What about Adrian? What about him and the fact he drinks away his stress?

Or that Laura is addicted to the oxycondone that her mother gives her?

Maybe about how Haylee is so afraid about her grades that she thinks she needs to have sex with the students with the right answers?

Or that Jay hits Jessica? And she thinks she deserves it?

Did you know that Taylor is threatened by the voices in the back of her head, voices that she is terrified of?

Or how James is forced to have sex with his stepmother?

Why Karina is so skittish? It's because she is beat up by the girls in the locker rooms for being a lesbian.

What about Allison and how she needs money for the house payment so bad that she's the local cocaine dealer?

Maybe about Logan and Theresa both having pale pink scars on their wrists?

About how Peyton's father is a meth addict who sells her body to get the money to buy the meth?

Or how Erica is constantly terrifed that her abusive ex will find her again?

What about Derek and the fact that his father will starve him for days on end?

How Kayla's boyfriend is forcing her to have a baby she doesn't want?

Why Isaac dozes off in class? It's because it's hard to sleep when your mother and stepfather expect a 4.0 average and at least 4 extracurriculars.

Maybe about Trisha who is bullied because she has autism?

Or do you still don't want to see what's happening down here to us, Teacher Teacher.

Is it so ugly that you have to look away and wait for the next group of faces?

After all, we are only that, aren't we?

More faces.




Wow, this really gave me some serious feelings. I understand completely and can relate with some of these. I feel so terrible knowing that they are ignored and hated. I wish teachers would take the time to notice...there are kids I know that could have been saved if only an adult would have paid attention.

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