Don't work, just pay


a classroom
United States

That's not my problem

Said a cold voice

She said

It's an opportunity

Just pay


I replied

I can't, or I don't know how

I gotta go to work

Is there something?



She just glared

What about parents, loans, credit, friends, or other family members?

Tell them its important


I sigh

They don't have much,

They don't have that much

I don't have that  much


Not my problem

This is college

This is what it is all about

Taking opportunities like trips and buying books



I had no other response

Just feelings of

Embarressment, anger...

maybe a tear

I got into this institution,

I couldn't believe they wanted more.

Wasn't I a scholar or part of the future?

But they still are trying to hold me back.


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