To my dear sweet Teacher


Oh dear teacher it’s that time again

The time of year that we all Dred the most

Where we have to hold our tongues and hold our pencils even tighter

I am a student, your student 365 days a year

You stand there at the front of the class your mug filled with coffee black as night

Talking and chanting the lesson I scramble to record in my notebook

Oh dear Teacher don’t talk of things that make me squirm and wiggle

I want to learn of past lives and influential figures

Show me some chemistry, a test tube, and a baking soda volcano

Teach me the wars and names of fallen history heroes

I want to learn Oh dear sweet teacher

Don’t get angry if I become a little chatty

Dear sweet teacher I am only but a student, your student

Teach me with kindness and be open to my wondering imagination

I will make you proud dear teacher if you follow my few requests

And on graduation day I will thank you dear teacher for giving your very best


 A Student, Your student 

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