Every day is a brand new start, and for most it is very true,

But there are still a handful of people who look forward to sorrow - nothing new.

Bullying is three syllables, but contains so much more.

Behind the scenes reveals unnecessary cuts, bruises, and sores.

Another girl in sorrow, another guy in grief, and for what?

Kids still do as they please and act the opposite of how they were raised up.

But what do schools do? What do they really change?

Rules and Regulations enforced, but the days of indignance remain the same.

How many kids need to suffer before the true destruction reigns?

How many more lives need to be lost and more masses of souls in sheer, blunt pain,

How much more chaos needs to be explained and expressed to everyone,

For there to be more than just words on paper full of ink that runs,

As the tears of those in anguish become the faces on the news,

Titled “Another One That Couldn’t Be Saved”, the excuses and lies are way past overdue.

The change I want to see is one that speaks for all those in pain;

Those who damage, those who cut, and the ones who’ve passed - their purpose waiting in vain.

Stop the bullies, stop the melancholy, before more precious lives are passed

Into the unknown where they’re always missed, their pain turned into mere past.





I put emotion that I felt personally into this poem, and I hope it can be felt by anyone who reads. Thank you to everyone who does! I really, sincerely appreciate it.

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