Learn and be learned

The value of an education,

I believe it's high.

But that's not what you're teaching me.

That's not how I'm getting by.

Memorize equations

and graphs and sheets and facts.

Just to spit them out again

on our next unit test

All for what, I ask,

you point me to the wall

And show me the careers in which

I will use this all.

But I don't want to be

one of these or those.

I just want to live my days

free to write my prose.

Or maybe I don't wish, to be a this or that,

I can be content with pulling rabbits out a hat.

What are you really teaching me?

Do you even care?

You may not think I notice,

but I sense it in the air.

You don't really care.

I want to learn, but you don't know.

You don't try to help me grow.

I want to learn new languages, I want to discover how things work.

I want to learn what I want to, and not just perform for a perk.

Maybe you think I'm lazy, unintelligent and bored.

I'm bright, I'm smart, I have ideas...but sometimes school's a chore.

This is not to say that you aren't right,

there are those out there who don't care.

I hate their immaturity

that breeds under their hair.

I hate their raucous nature.

Can't they see that they'll be poor

if they don't soon realize

there's much more to learn in life,

than 2 + 2 is four?

Like helping one another,

the value of a friend.

To know that all our many trials,

do not signify the end.

I want to learn the worth of humanity,

in each precious soul

is greater than many

will ever ever know.

The world would be much better,

if to each other we would smile.

And hold out a helping hand and quit

thinking of ourselves for a while.

Please teach me in our schools

why it's important to be nice

and not exalt the many

who associate with vice.

We need not look up to the proud and vain

but instead choose

to turn to humbler persons

when we need a muse.

Show me how to express myself,

and respect what others think.

To be able to disagree with someone,

and not let that friendship sink.

Help me understand,

why we can't all be nice.

Instruct me how to have a philosophical debate

and not raise my tone in anger

once or even twice.

Instead you teach me theorems,

definitions and the facts.

You're a robot every day,

with creativity under that mask.

I hope you understand,

it's not education I speak against now.

It's the quality and methods,

Of schools that don't know how.



This poem is amazing. This is exactly how I feel about education. Your vocabulary is excellent.


Thank you so much!! It's longer than I originally thought it would be, but once I started I knew I would just let it run until I said what I felt I needed to say. Thanks for your support!(:

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