School Is Weird


Math is a foreign language

Spoken in devilish tongues.

I can't find my favorite pair of socks,

Let alone some letter mixed with some random numbers.


History is just a bunch of

White men with superiority complexes

And random dates I need to memorize.


My English teachers just throw books

In my face and expect me to

Understand why the author had

Blue curtains instead of red.

I don't know what the curtains symbolize, Mr. BlahBlahBlah,

Maybe the bags under my hazel eyes?


Hey, Señorita science teacher,

A teenage girl with an obsession

With One Direction can't possibly

Memorize all of these landforms

That look and sound alike.


What I'm trying to say is:

Make learning more fun.

Make me want to come to school

And forget that I live in the same town

With these idiots who only care about appearance.

Make me want to achieve

And reach the stars.


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