The School-wide Wars


You couldn't survive the battle we fight almost every single day.

Your time has passed and our new weapons cause damage in a foriegn way.

You say we need to come to you to report wrongdoings being seen,

But what exactly can you do when wars are fought on computer screen?

Our armies chosen on playing fields or by rank of GPA,

And if our army is loyal enough, we might survive another day.

Our weapons are words, aimed not to kill, but to cause unbearable pain;

For where's the fun of battle when all enemies have been slain?

The wars we fight are different than those you fought in your own day,

So before you dismiss our pleas for help, you should listen to what we say.

We've had so many casualties in battles lost and won,

We need your help to end the wars, something really must be done.

We need you to start helping us, no matter what the cost,

Please help us stop the endless battle, before all hope is lost.

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