To the Teachers Who Do It for the Money

Tue, 11/19/2013 - 23:36 -- alicat


I walk into class every day, and wonder why.

The teachers here get paid, with little effort instilled by their minds.

I want a teacher who teaches! And loves doing it too!

Not some old bitch who walks into class with her bad mood.

In order to learn I require passion.

You know, to be accompanied by sense of greatness, 

As the rollercoaster seat of education is fastened. 

I cannot fathom the logic in being something you never wanted to be.

All I ask is to be teached upon, and a different way to see.

I crave opinions and life stories to grow,

Not a teacher who can hardly bring themselves to go

To the school in which I am a pupil, I question my own dedication.

If the faculty cannot lead by example, how am I to get an education?

I am thankful for the marvelous teachers I have been blessed to meet,

But to those who do it for the money, surely each day you face defeat.

And in the end the greatest lesson is learned:

Do what you love and each day will be deserved.


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