I Wish I Could Say


That I don't understand

I'm not sure if I will soon, either, 

But know that I'm trying my hardest

It's just that I'm too scared to ask questions in class

Because I don't know how to word

The question that's on the tip of my tounge

The edge of my lips, the valley of space between my mouth

And your ears. 

I wish I could say 

I'm having a bad day

Without feeling the guilt of unfinished homework

I swear,

I forgot it at home! 

My dog ripped it, my brother ate it, my homework forgot about me! 

I wish I could say 

That the day should be over

Without you rolling your eyes and heaving a sigh

Because I know sometimes you wish the day was over too,

(though not as much as I do)

And I wish I could say

Without taunts from my peers

That what you teach? 

I want to teach too.


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