Respect the Students

Now I'll admit, there are idiots

That give high school kids a bad name.

Bad grades, fights, and breaking rules

To them it's all just a game.

But for the most part

We know in our hearts

That we are almost adults


So treat us as such 

And we'll act as such.

If we don't, that's when you can tease.

But, until then,

Don't be a bitch please.


Senioritis--a common disease

I speak from experience, so could you tell me please

Why I don't get any more rights 

Than the freshman who sleeps with his blanky at night.


Full time college

And high school student

Twelve hour days

Becoming wise and prudent


Grade point average--

--a 3.9

Some respect would be nice

Because it's about time.


I don't know everything,

But that's no need for neglect,

So don't condescend me

And don't disrespect.


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