A different curriculum


Time is all I have...

Don't waste it. 

In this age of

instant lights

buttons that gratify

Inefficiency in busywork grates on my Instacultured mind.



Tell me something worth knowing today

How the complexity of people, events, and ideals changed the world

Not a simplification memorization education of names and dates. 

Quiz on Tuesday,

Multiple Choice.


Tell me something I can share today

Face me towards a Book that teaches me to think

Branch my own ideas off of the Vine

"Critical Analysis"


Remind me that everything is hopelessly complicated today.

Despite what TV would have us think,

people cannot be summed up in a few words.

140 characters,

Orwell's Newspeak come to life,

carefully #compartmentalized


A summary does no justice

to the ideals that color a young man

to the smile that lingers everywhere but his eyes

the exact weather that he makes me feel.

In the same way, two sentences cannot do justice to the birth of justice

"The King of England was very unkind to the Colonies, so we rebelled.

I think a bald eagle helped somewhere."


Rather, help me articulate what I read.

Especially when I don't understand.

"How could these patriots compare their unjust situation to slavery,

all the while ignoring a whole people imprisoned by hate?"

"How could Thomas Jefferson write that all men were created equal,

yet have ownership of other human beings?"


Teach me about compromise.

Ideals are well and good

but not when they are so defiled with pride that they begin to decompose.

Help me revive our future. 


Teaching future leaders and teachers, not merely students

Just like you don't raise your son to be an excellent child, but rather to be a man.


Once we can think and speak, what else might be in Pandora's box?

Beyond merely hope is a promise. A promise for the future.


That's why I'm becoming a teacher. 


Status: Expectant.




Need to talk?

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