Its been 12 school years,
and i've been looking at these same ole' boys and gals'.
Looligagging up and down these same ole' halls.
These same ole' teachers who know that
they don't care at all.
Wheather we fail or pass, they'll still get payed.
We as class of 2014 should make the best of it anyways.
Where's our school spirit?
We need pride! What about that adendlene rush that we would get 
as we were becoming new senior's on the rise.
I want a good year! Where's my daggone prize.
Lets take trips to Flordia, Maine, and Paris.
I know, I know....who am I kidding! 
That would never be approved by Mr. Harris.
Lets do something different and express our respectful opinions.
Im "sure" they'll listen right...they are the ones
who "taught" everything that is within us.
Times have changed. Do we have to be on lock down for forever and a day?
Can we get freedom and be able to share a fun memory with our class?
In our generations words 'THIS IS GAY!!'
Although our scores are nice, we are still getting bashed.
Where's the school spirit? I mean this is our last year !
Lets do it big. Shout a cheeR.
Lets forget those awful pranks we did in 9th grade. We are mature seniors now. 
Its time to celebrate.
Distinguish us from the other classes who just so happen to be beneath us.
Allow us a trip to Mexico so we can trade cultures and experience real
Novia y vato permite por favor que vayamos!!



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