I Am More Than Just My Test Score


"Please take a seat. The test will begin shortly." The dreaded words. Just the thought of taking this test makes me sick to my stomach. I have test anxiety. Whenever a test is placed in front of me, I blank. It doesnt matter how many nights I studied, I blank. But, that doesn't really matter, now does it? You're still going to just be based off this test's score, aren't you? This test score will determine which kind of college I am going to get into. So, all of the lessons you taught our class, all of these activities you led, all of the books we read as a class... Those don't seem to matter as I decide whether to bubble in A or B. All that seems to matter is my test score. And to you, that's all that really does matter, right? All of the stickers and fun games in class were just to lead up to this moment where I would sit in this desk and look you in the eye and say "I am more than just my test score." Except I didn't really say that. I thought it. I actually just said "Thank you." and grabbed my pencil and braced myself for what was about to be the deciding factor on what felt like the rest of my life.


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