Feds Watchin'


"I'll be fresh as hell with the feds watchin..."

2 Chainz provided me with my theme song for the week I was incarcerated.

The Deans of Students decided that I was suddenly a criminal.

Motherfuckers sentenced me to 15 days in the School Penitentiary that normal students know as detention.

15 days of detention for "skipping class"........Correction "cutting school"

They wouldn't even give me a fair trial or even a chance to explain.

Held in the School Penitentiary with no remand is my struggle.


I honestly didn't know it was illegal to talk to your guidance counselor before you have a mental breakdown because of stupid college applications.

The point of the school hiring the guidance counselors is to "guide" students,

And I needed a lot of guidance.

I just don't understand why I deserve 15 days.

Just because I missed out on Government and Economics to see her,

Doesn't make me a criminal.

I just personally don't care about stock exchange, corporation, or making it rain.

My teacher watches us sleep and continues to teach,

But he wouldn't make the slightest attempt to make learning about this foolishness exciting.


How could I have "cut school" when I was still in the building?

They are the ones who constantly want to keep our school in order.

Giving us rules and having us sign our rights away to them.

Saying that they're teaching us how to be "Respectable young men and women of the future."

All they do is abuse their power and expect students to take them seriously. 

"Land of the Free and Home of the Brave" my ass

Because as long as the feds watchin',

Students will always be prisoners.


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