I Call Bullsh*t


You see a Face,

A Statistic

A Number

Another name on a list. 

But I am MORE

     -A Person.

                    -A Life.

A Girl

          -who is falling apart

because of the stress that

YOUR curriculum has given me.

I try to apply

myself to the text


I'm so busy

Applying to college

Applying for Scholarships

Can you blame me for a B- 

Instead of an A+?

I try to divide

Up my time

Between my job-

                                My apps-

                                                   My homework-

But I don't know my family


I don't know my sister's

Favorite part of the day.

Or what made my brother

smile yesterday.

I don't know

About my mom's doctors appointment

Saying she might have

Uterine Cancer.

I don't know about my father's



Maybe this time?



                       the money

to fund an education

That I don't have time to apply for-- 

Because YOU expect me to take 

Twenty Two pages of notes?



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